Grow your understanding of elevator interiors and expand your business offerings

The SnapCab Elevator Academy training course was created to give elevator mechanics a look at everything inside elevators and help them install interiors efficiently and confidently. 

With over 30 years in the industry, we've accumulated a lot of on-the-job experience and we want to share our knowledge with you. Whether you're new to the industry or a veteran, there will certainly be something for you in this course. At SnapCab we focus a lot of our attention on being useful, and that extends to our customers’ success and usefulness. The SnapCab Academy is many years of elevator interior installation experiences, mistakes, failures, and super successes, rolled into a fun course of hands-on instructional classes and videos to help you understand elevator remodeling.

Elevate your understanding of elevators from an inside perspective

We understand that you focus on the mechanical structures of an elevator. We've built this course with YOU in mind to help add elevator interior installation to your services, allowing you to add this profitable work to your portfolio. With this simple course, you will gain the know-how and confidence to take on a remodeling project from beginning to end. 

What You'll Learn

Surveying Your Cab

You will learn how to measure your cab to get fitted for your brand new SnapCab Elevator Interior. No complicated tools or laser beams. All you’ll need to succeed is a standard tape measure, a pen/pencil, and a SnapCab Elevator Interior order form. If you happen to have a cab shell that is non-standard and has variations such as light coves, recessed toe kicks, light coves, radius walls, or all the above, reach out to the project manager in your territory so they can guide you through the necessary steps to get a complete survey. 

Elevator Cladding

Most elevators contain some sort of decorative metal cladding or wrapping on the interior doors and return walls. Just as the wall panels and ceilings get wear and tear, so do the doors, transom, strikes, and bucks. Although SnapCab doesn’t offer cladding, to add to our mission to be “useful” we offer a simple solution to measuring, ordering, sizing, and applying cladding in your elevator. With help from an experienced cladding team, we can help you achieve your metal upgrades.  

Receiving Your Cab Panels and Ceiling 

“When I order my beautiful new SnapCab elevator interior, what should I expect when it arrives?" First and foremost, let’s make sure the logistics company did a great job transporting your materials. We’ll show you what “red flags” to look for from a mishandling standpoint. The damage rate of crates shipped versus the total number we ship annually is extremely low, but if it happens, we want you to know how to handle it right away.

Cab Ceiling Installation

In-depth, step-by-step video instructions by experienced technicians help guide you in installing a new SnapCab ceiling. We walk you through the installation kit, and even the provided power supply with pro insider tips to help install your ceiling easily and efficiently.

Elevator Interior Installation

Simplified step-by-step video instructions by experienced technicians guide you through installing a SnapCab Elevator Interior Wall Panel Kit. We cover the kit and the provided hardware. 

Benefits of the Training

Profitable Work and Job Security

This course is a way for elevator maintenance contractors to gain the skills necessary to expand their business offerings with profitable elevator interior work. This means more union hours for their mechanics. You can stop subbing out the work. We want companies that do business with us to be wildly successful with our products and with their installation.


The course provides the attendees with all the content they need to give them a strong understanding of all aspects of elevator interior installations.


Since our core company mission is to “Be Kind, Be Authentic, Be Useful,” we strive for just that. We don’t have to share this information, but we feel it will help our customers attain success. We are available for support along the way to assist. If you ever have questions, please never hesitate to give us a call at 888-766-7834.


After completing this course, mechanics and anyone else enrolled will achieve an understanding of interiors that will help them feel more confident to install them and to offer the service to their customers.

"This course help's eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty, while saving valuable hours of fieldwork on their SnapCab installation. You will also get experienced service from a friendly staff who looks forward to helping you and all your elevator interior needs."

Rico Magruder

Installation Specialist

So, do you want to quickly and easily add to your sales revenue without even expanding your customer base? By promoting and selling elevator interiors you are adding very profitable sales to your pipeline by working with your current customer base. You can also use elevator interiors to GAIN new customers! The possibilities really are endless… installing elevator interiors is simple, scalable and profitable! Give us a call or fill out the form below to get started down the path to becoming a trained elevator interior installer.

We strive to create an environment that empowers people to be kind, be authentic, and useful.

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