Our elevator interiors can be personalized and updated at any time. Simply swap out one, two or more panels to update colors, materials and designs. The many standard options within our showroom gives you the flexibility to choose the right interior for the space.

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Our process is simple for you to efficiently transform an elevator interior with one of our many standard models. From placing an order all the way through installation, we will be there to assist all along the way with robust resources and support available. Interior specialists at SnapCab can assist with virtual design sessions to ensure your elevator interior is exactly what you are looking for.

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High Quality

Our signature interlocking paneling system, along with our superior materials ensures our products can last for decades. Each of our panels are E84 fire tested, as well as code and LEED compliant. We are always continuing to invest in our products safety and quality.

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We have a great sales team here at SnapCab that we'd like you to meet.

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Want to check out our work? Visit some of the many installations in your area!

Interactive SnapCab Installation Location Map

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Disclaimer: Location address may be an approximation. Some buildings are not open to the public and elevator accessibility
may not be available. Please contact a SnapCab representative to talk about visiting locations found on this map.