Contemporary I

SnapCab patented interlocking panel system. Panels are fire rated, elevator code and LEED compliant.

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Contemporary I - SnapCab


CT-81: Boardwalk Oak, fine velvet texture; 1.5" Round handrail, Frame ceiling 

CT-39: Zanzibar, fine grain; 2" Flat Bar handrails, Island ceiling in satin stainless

CT-15: Brazilwood, fine velvet texture; 2″ Flat Bar handrail (rear wall only); Frame ceiling (translucent)

CT-67: Grey Pampas, matte; 4" Flat Bar handrails, 4" Flat Bar bumpers; Aurora ceiling in satin stainless

CT-50: Tuscan Walnut, fine velvet texture; 2" Flat Bar handrail (rear wall only)

Contemporary I - SnapCab

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