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Can you provide me with samples for my project?

Certainly; we have a variety of standard samples in stock and can order custom samples too. Contact your interior specialist with your request.

Can I choose a different laminate than those shown in the SnapCab catalog/website?

Yes. Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar, Lab Designs, Pionite, and other major manufacturers offer a wide range of options. Choose the product that fits your specific project needs.

What is the warranty on SnapCab products?

The SnapCab limited three-year warranty applies to any SnapCab manufactured product and remains in full force and effect for three-years from shipment. We warrant every SnapCab product to be free of manufacturing defects. This warranty is limited to replacement or repair and does not include labor to remove or replace any product. Should you have a warranty issue; SnapCab will repair or replace all valid warranty items. Exclusions to this warranty include, but are not limited to, normal wear such as scratches, dents, and dings.

Are SnapCab wall panels code-compliant?

Yes. All of our wall panel systems are fire-rated and safe for building installation. Elevators are held to a high standard—our interiors meet all applicable fire requirements.


Do you supply job-specific drawings for approval?

For our elevator interiors, our order form and/or rendering is typically sufficient for approval so drawings are typically not required. However, if elevator interiors drawings are required for approval, we can supply for a minimal fee.

How long does it take to receive approval drawings?

It depends on the complexity your project, but we aim to have the drawings in your hands within one week.

Can you provide me with as built drawings?

Yes — we can. Request as built drawings through your project manager. A charge may apply.

Do you have standard drawings available?

Yes. We have standard AutoCAD drawings for our elevator interiors, as well as sketch drawings, available on each product's page, under the "Spec Drawings" tab.


Where can I find your standard wall panel designs?

Browse our showroom for ideas and inspiration. Don’t see what you want? Give us a call; talk to an interior specialist in your area.

Can I modify your standard wall panel designs?

Yes — We can help you do that. Work with your interior specialist to bring your vision to life.

Can SnapCab help me design a new wall panel interior?

Absolutely. Leveraging our design capabilities and SketchUp program, we can help you design wall panel systems that work for you. Start with a design session.

My elevator ceiling does not need replacing. Can I just upgrade the wall panels?

Yes, you can. You may also just order a replacement ceiling if the project does not require new wall panels.

How much does a SnapCab elevator interior weigh?

Weight varies based on dimensions and materials. Refer to our weight chart for estimated weights or refer to your quotation for job specific weights.

Does SnapCab supply vertical wall panels?

We supply both vertical and horizontal wall panels for areas inside and outside the elevator. Take a look at our showroom to peruse designs.

Will a SnapCab interior fit in an Otis, Schindler, ThyseenKrupp, or Kone elevator cab?

You bet. Our interiors are designed to fit these elevators – and nearly all other models. We can work with any shell.


How do I request a quote?

Use our Build a Quote tool for a fast, convenient quote for your elevator interiors.

How much does SnapCab wall paneling cost?

It depends on your project and materials. Contact your interior specialist or use the Build a Quote tool (for elevator projects specifically).

How much will I save if we retain the existing elevator handrail?

Nothing – and you may end up paying more. A new handrail already comes attached to your wall panels. Trying to remove and retain the old handrail will take your elevator mechanic more time, and ultimately, cost you more money.

How long will it take to receive a quote for my project?

Expect a standard quote within 1 business day. For custom projects, you will receive your quote within 3 to 5 business days.


Can I purchase wall panels directly from SnapCab?

For elevator interiors, we only supply material to licensed elevator professionals to install.

What do I need to provide to order SnapCab interiors?

For an elevator, you’ll need an order form, signed quote with the finishes you’ve selected, purchase order, and, if necessary, approval drawings. Pictures are always helpful.

Do I need to complete the last page of the elevator interior survey form?

Please do. This form is designed as a crosscheck of your project specs to ensure your order is produced accurately.

Does SnapCab supply flooring?

No, we don’t. You can save time and money by having the flooring done by the same contractor/provider who is installing flooring in other areas of your building.

Does SnapCab supply materials for the front of the elevator?

Most of the time, the front – or cladding – can be refurbished and retained, saving you time and money. If it does need to be replaced, you can opt for SnapCab paneling or a local metal vendor can replace it.

Does SnapCab supply elevator cab shells or doors?

We do not, but we’ll work with your elevator maintenance company to meet your needs.

How do I order a replacement part for my existing SnapCab interior?

Just give us a call. We keep all of your project information on file and can easily process a replacement.

The crate(s) I received were damaged in shipment. What should I do?

Note the damage on the bill of lading. Then, either open the crate(s) and inspect with the driver present or, if the damage is extensive, reject the whole shipment. Be sure to call your project manager ASAP.


How can I find existing SnapCab interiors in my area?

How do I install a SnapCab interior?

The system is a Snap to install. Check out our Resources drop-down menu for installation manuals and videos.

Does SnapCab install interiors in my area?

Yes! We do installations all over the country in conjunction with certified partners in your area. Check out our Installation Map. Contact your interior specialist for more information.

Can building owners install SnapCab elevator interiors?

No. For safety reasons, it’s best left to licensed elevator professionals.

How long will it take to install a new SnapCab interior?

One day, and your elevator interior is done. Usually, it takes 4 hours for demolition and prep-work, 2 hours to install the wall panels, and 2 hours to install the ceiling.

Can you recommend an elevator company that can supply and install a SnapCab elevator interior?

Yes. We work with all major elevator companies, as well as various independent organizations. If you have a service agreement with an elevator company, try them first. If not, we can make great recommendations. Just contact your interior specialist.

How do I care for my SnapCab wall paneling?